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Best Electric Pressure Cooker Buying Guide

best Electric pressure Cooker Buying Guide
Best Electric Pressure Cooker Buying Guide

Decided to buy an electric pressure cooker? Congratulations! That’s a wise decision. An electric cooker is a great way to cook your food because you can drastically reduce the amount of cooking time required to make the meal.

Electric cookers not only cook the food perfectly but also keep it warm and burn free.

With so many models in the market today however, it isn’t surprising that homemakers get confused about what type to buy. Use the following tips to help you choose the best electric pressure cooker for your specific needs and start enjoying tasty meals in little time.

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Tips To Buy The Best Electric Pressure Cooker

Buy Best Electric Pressure Cookers on a Budget

Even if you’re on a budget you can afford to buy the best electric pressure cooker. There are a variety of electric pressure cooker models and the prices vary accordingly. Try checking out the brand of the product as well.

Those with more features are likely to cost more but the quality is what you want to aim for. Basic electric cookers might also be an option if you simply want to learn how to use a pressure cooker before you buy a more advanced electric pressure cooker.

Check the Capacity and Size

The size of the electric cooker should depend on the size of the family that will be using the product. Note that cookers are typically described as capable of accommodating up to “n” cups.

This will refer to the measuring cup that is included in the cooker itself. These cookers are generally available with a capacity of 1-6 litres or sometimes even more.

Usually, an electric cooker with a capacity of 3-5 litres is good to go for a family of 4-6 members.

Opt for an Electric Cooker with Sturdy Construction

The best electric pressure cooker will be a good investment and it’s only natural that you want an appliance that will last for years to come.

The construction of the electric pressure cooker will determine how durable and likely it is to last you for a while. The most popular option is stainless steel electric pressure cookers.

Stainless steel will hold up to the temperature and pressure and it’s also easy to clean.

Automatic Shut-Off and Warmer Settings

After the cooker is finished with the cooking, it should automatically shut-off the cooking process thereby turning on the “Keep Warm” function.

This is the most important of all settings and ensures that the food is kept at the right temperature until eaten without overcooking it.

Inspect Pressure Indicator & Controller

This is certainly one of the major features of this electric pressure cooker one must check out to ensure safe cooking.

Inspect if the electric cooker has a pressure indicator and release mechanism. The pressure indicator gives a comprehensive insight into the cooker’s current pressure. The indicator is extremely important when you have to prepare complicated recipes.

In addition to this, also check out if it has the mechanism of releasing the pressure inside the chamber automatically and quickly in order to prevent accidents.

Choose Your Electric Cooker Features

You’re going to notice that the best electric pressure cookers offer the functionality that you desire.

Many different features are included in most models of electric cookers like improved handles, adjustable regulators, pre-set functions and so much more. You will want to choose a cooker that offers the features you actually need.

Basic electric cookers are pretty simple to use just read the manual before you use it, regardless if you have used an electric cooker in the past.

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Don’t Forget About Safety of Electric Cookers

The safety features of the best electric cookers will help you prevent any human injury or harm.

Reading the manual is an important part of learning how to operate your electric pressure correctly and safely

Do Check on the Warranty

It’s always advised that you buy an electric pressure cooker that comes with a warranty. An extended warranty is the best but any warranty is better than none at all.

Advantages of Electric Pressure Cooker

The electric pressure cooker lets you enjoy delicious meals within minutes.  Moreover, it’s perfect for making soups, stews, jams, vegetables, meats, desserts, and much more. Here are some advantages listed for this amazing digital cooker:

👍 Environmental Friendly and Economical

The major advantage of an electric pressure cooker is that it is using electricity and therefore is considered safer, environmentally friendly, and economically profitable, comparing to gas stoves and cookers.

👍 It cooks food faster

Electric pressure cookers are designed in such a way that they speed up the cooking process approximately from 2 to 6 times while saving up to 70% of energy.

In short, you are getting healthy food, which is well cooked and tastes well.

👍 It doesn’t heat up the kitchen

When you’re cooking in the oven and on multiple stovetops, it’s easy for the kitchen to heat up. The electric pressure cooker, however, won’t make you break a sweat. The steam and heat are retained inside the cooker, so your kitchen will remain cool and comfortable.

👍 It’s convenient and easy to use

The electric pressure cooker is very convenient. It has a scale of heating and by adjusting it person can choose how much he/she wants to heat the heating plate. Besides that this type of cooker has different modes of cooking.

For example, it has a mode of cooking rice or heat up the cooked meal. Thus, by choosing any particular mode, the cooker is being adjusted to heat or cook the meal at a particular temperature.

 It is also possible to use the timer mode and set the cooking time. After the time has passed, the cooker will automatically switch off. Another convenient feature is that such cookers are saving the cooking time by 70%.

👍 It retains the food nutrients

Another advantage of an electric pressure cooker is that it preserves the natural vitamins, which contained in food. therefore, these cookers cook tasty meals and make it healthy and nutritious.

This may be achieved by choosing the proper mode of cooking, which will certainly make the food taste very delicious and will preserve natural nutrients.

👍 It is clean and non-messy

Another advantage of using an electric pressure cooker is that it is clean, quiet and doesn’t produce extra steam, spills, or smell and with all that it makes the cooking process very pleasant.

👍 Easy to clean and maintain

There are different designs and constructions of electric pressure cookers. In addition, There are models with retrievable pan or pot. This certainly makes it easier and more comfortable to use and wash after cooking.

👍 Cooker pot is non-stick

The internal part of the cooker pot is covered with a non-stick material so that the food will not stick to the surface of the pot. Electric pressure cooker set includes cooker, pot, cap, or cover, and sometimes during promotions, the set may include cooking instruments.

Summing Up

With the use of electric cookers, you are surely going to experience a new style of cooking and will be very pleased with the results.

In conclusion, the best electric pressure cooker will be one that suits your specific needs and accommodates the quantity of food you plan to cook. Each electric cooker will come with its own features and benefits but the tips above should help you make an informed decision.

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