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Best Washing Machine Buying Guide

Best washing machine buying guide
Best washing machine buying guide

Today, Washing machines have certainly become an inevitable part of our day to day life.
The market is flooded with tons of available options, as a result, buying the best washing machine can be a tedious and challenging job.

The recent washing machines are integrated with the latest technology, helping users with numerous kinds of preset programs meant for various types of washing. One must analyze some factors and things before buying the right washing machine of your choice.

Best washing machine buying – Things to consider

It’s very confusing while choosing the best one to suit your needs. But after following our ‘Best washing machine buying guide’, you can easily narrow down your search and select the best option for your household which finally will fulfill all your requirements.

In this article, we’ll be explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of washing machines, and also explain the various features they are offering in today’s market.

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Types of washing machines

While selecting the washing machine, the first thing you need to ponder is ‘what type of machine will be suitable to satisfy your requirements?’

Generally, washing machines are classified into two main types.

✔ Semi-automatic washing machines and
✔ Fully automatic washing machines

Fully automatic washing machines are further categorized into two types.

• Front-load washing machines
• Top load washing machines

Semi-automatic washing machines

Semi-automatic washing machines are the basic type of machines. So, being the basic model, most of the tasks of these washing machines have to be performed manually. Eventually, these are the most economical ones. These washing machines comprise two drums, out of which one is used for washing the clothes and hence, the other for drying them.

Best washing machine buying guide

Now, let’s come to the functional part of it. Even though semi-automatic machines require less power consumption, a lot of manual tasks and human interference is required for its functioning. For e.g. manually filling up water in the tub followed by emptying it, removing the clothes from the tub and putting them in the drying tub for further drying, etc.

The Good
1) Cheapest of all types.
2) Low energy consumption.
3) Less water consumption.
4) No continuous water supply is required.

The Bad
1) Manual intervention is required.
2) Bulky and require more storage space.

Fully-automatic washing machines

In fully automatic machines, manual operating is eliminated and therefore, human interference is minimal. Just set the initially required programs and relax. Nowadays, these machines come with all the advanced programs but at the same time, electricity and water consumption by these machines is more. Also, the purchasing cost is expensive as compared to semi-automatic machines and they are weighty too.

The Good
1) Energy-efficient.
2) No manual intervention is required once the program is set.
3) Powered with the latest, advanced technology, and provision of plenty of suitable programs.

The Bad
1) More expensive.
2) Continuous water supply is required during the washing operation.

Fully automatic machines are classified into two types.
• Front-load washing machines
• Top load washing machines

Front-load washing machines

In front load washing machines, the drum is located horizontally and as the name indicates, the clothes have to be front-loaded in the machine. This machine is robust and heavy in nature and the washing quality is also said to be excellent.

Best washing machine buying guide

These machines have numerous wash programs, consumption of water and electricity is lesser than top-load washing machines and also make less noise while functioning. Furthermore, these machines have all progressive features namely, timer, hot water supply, facility for clothes soaking and child lock, etc. 

However, with the advanced features, the price is at the expensive side and also due to its robustness, it’s difficult to move the machines from one place to another. Moreover, you cannot add or remove the clothes once the wash program is set.

The Good
1) Water-efficient.
2) Excellent wash quality.
3) Abundant advanced washing programs.

The Bad
1) More expensive.
2) Heavyweight.
3) Can’t add clothes in once the washing cycle is started.

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Top-load washing machine

In the top-load washing machines, the drum is mounted vertically and therefore, the clothes can be loaded and unloaded vertically. The machines are attached to the constant water supply and the water is taken intermittently as and when required for the washing cycle. They are lesser expensive than front-load machines and also have lesser wash programs. Additionally, you have a facility to add or remove the clothes in the middle of the wash program.

Best washing machine buying guide

The Good
1) Energy-efficient.
2) Flexible wash programs.
3) Economical as compared to the front load machine.

The Bad
1) Noisy.
2) Average washing quality.

Washing load capacity

A number of people in the family should be taken into consideration while deciding on the washing load capacity of a machine. If the family size is large, you probably will require a larger size of a machine than that of a smaller size family.

The following chart shows the appropriate washing load capacity depending on the number of family members.

Washing load capacity Family members Quantity of clothes
5 Kg Couples or Singles 2 shirts 🥼
2 trousers 👖
1 bedsheet 🧧
2 small towels 🧣
2 pillowcases 🔶
7 Kg 3 Members 3 shirts 🥼
3 trousers 👖
1 bedsheet 🧧
2 small towels 🧣
2 pillowcases 🔶  
8 Kg 4 members 4 shirts 🥼
4 trousers 👖
1 bedsheet 🧧
3 small towels 🧣
3 pillowcases 🔶  
10 Kg Large size 4 shirts 🥼
4 trousers 👖
2 bedsheets 🧧
5 small towels 🧣
5 pillowcases 🔶  

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Other important features to check in a washing machine

Type of Washing programs

Nowadays, in some of the washing machines, even more variety of washing programs are available depending upon the type of clothes you are going to feed in the machine. Before buying the washing machine, you can check out the following washing program types in order to fulfill your washing requirements.

Best washing machine buying guide

Some common programs are

💧 Standard wash

This program is designed for a simple normal, regular daily wash.

💧 Quick Wash

This wash cycle is faster than a standard wash. The clothes are washed, rinsed and dried in a quick and shorter time span. This program is provided in almost all fully automatic washing machines.

💧 Pre-Soaking

This wash is programmed for heavy ones meant for heavily stained and muddy clothes. In this type, the clothes are soaked thoroughly before the normal washing procedure is initiated. Obviously, this program consumes more time than the other programs.

💧 Gentle

This wash is particularly for gentle and soft clothes like woolen and the delicate ones. In this type, the rotation of the drum and temperature is controlled in order to protect the gentle clothes.

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Drum material

The tub is made up of stainless steel, plastic or porcelain- enamel material. The stainless steel drum is the best as it is long-lasting and endures high spinning speed but at the same time, it is not advisable in the hard water areas.

Plastic drum generally lasts longer than the enamel ones as enamel has the tendency of chipping and rusting.  Plastic and porcelain drums are economical as compared to steel drums.

Spin cycle

Spin cycle means with what capacity the washing machine rotates. Washing machines are generally available between 600 and 1800 RPM (Revolutions per minute or rotation per minute). Generally, it is believed that the higher the RPM, the better will be the washing capacity of the washing machine.

Noise and Vibration

Many times after using a washing machine, the consumer complains that it makes a lot of noise or seems like there is a lot of vibration in it. Sometimes it can be due to malfunctioning. But nowadays, the companies pay more attention to it and install anti-vibration design features in the machine.

Companies also provide the specification sheet describing the noise level of a washing machine. Also, make sure to buy a washing machine with less db noise and less vibration.

Energy Efficiency

Currently, most of the washing machines available in the market consume less electricity, less water, and detergent. You can also check the star power rating of the washing machine. In Front-load washing machines consumption of electricity, water and detergent are rather the least.

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Fuzzy logic

This is another best feature in which, the machine automatically selects the best-suited wash cycle for clothes with the help of its different sensors. The deciding factors for the machine are the weight of the clothes. The machine chooses the amount of water and detergent to be used. Therefore, this is the most noteworthy and hassle-free option as the user doesn’t have to bother about settings to be done.


Apart from above all the features, the dryer is available only in a few washing machine models. Due to this specialized feature, you can get completely dried clothes at the end of the wash cycle.


The budget is also an important aspect before buying any equipment. Semi-automatic is certainly the cheapest one and the front load washing machine is the most expensive option. Choose the washing machine according to your budget and also keep in mind that you should have a choice of all the required features in that.

After Sales Services and Warranty

Pay attention also to what service the company is giving you after sales and how long a warranty is being offered by the company. Also, find out which company is efficient after-sales and service and warranty.

Summing up

Finally, last but not least is do your own research by considering the above guidelines to choose the perfect washing machine as per your needs and requirements. Furthermore, if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.

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