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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention: Easy ways to protect yourself

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention: Easy ways to protect yourself
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention: Easy ways to protect yourself

Coronavirus continues to inflict havoc worldwide. Millions of people are infected with it and thousands of people have lost their life. Coronavirus cases still continue to be reported globally.

The risk of coronavirus is more for the kids less than 6 years and senior persons who are more than 60 years of age. Let’s see what precautionary measures you can adapt to prevent yourself from this disease.

Here are some ways to protect yourself coronavirus. Let’s know what things to be followed and to be avoided.

Wash hands regularly

Cleanliness is prominent among them. Special attention has to be given to hand hygiene and it is recommended to wash hands thoroughly for about 20 seconds after applying anything to the hands.

Wash your hands regularly with soap multiple times a day. Wash even when the hands are not dirty. This will be useful for the prevention of infection.

Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (at least 70 percent of alcohol content ) in case, it is not possible for you to wash hands with water.

Maintain social distancing

Avoid attending parties, marriages and family get-togethers so that the danger of spreading the virus can be eradicated.

Stay away from the people around you at a distance of at least 3 feet. Keep a safe distance, especially from people who are suffering a cold or cough. Try to stay away from people who also show signs of viral fever or headache.

A case was said to be reported in China when a person was infected with COVID 19 who stood near to an infected patent just for 15 seconds.

To avoid coronavirus infection, it is necessary to avoid contact with the victim.

Do not touch your nose, mouth, eyes frequently

We are touching many objects and unknowingly collecting bacteria and virus on our hands.

 If you accidentally come in contact with an infected person or have a virus on your hand, repeatedly touching the face, nose, mouth or eyes results in the entry of the virus in your body.

Use a paper tissue while sneezing or coughing

Cover your mouth with tissue paper when you cough or sneeze and immediately throw it in a closed dustbin.  Otherwise, the risk of spreading the infection to others increases.

If you do not have tissue paper or handkerchief while coughing, cover the mouth with the arm. Doing this can prevent infection from spreading.

Be careful if you show symptoms

Do not travel if you have a fever, cough, and cold. Seek medical advice on sudden fever, colds and coughs, weakness with severe pain in the body, shortness of breath, symptoms of pneumonia and sudden discomfort in digestive function.

If you are seeing above signs of coronavirus, do not ignore it. Don’t panic and immediately inform your doctor

Get yourself medically tested. Also, stay in the house at such times. If you have met someone infected with the virus, do not ignore it.

Keep your mobile screen clean

Special care should also be taken for cleaning things like smartphones. Telephone, mobile phones or other such important equipment, which you use more and continuously, should be specially cleaned and disinfected frequently.  

Do not place them in any place that is prone to spreading the virus.

Clean your smartphone screen with disinfecting wipes.

Avoid going to crowded places

Corona is an infectious disease. It is spreading at a tremendous pace. Therefore, it is advisable not to go to crowded places.

Don’t leave your house unless and until it is urgent. If at all, u have to go out, thoroughly clan yourself by taking a shower after coming back home.

Use a mask

Whenever you get out of your house, wear a mask. Use an appropriate mask in order to prevent yourself from coronavirus infection.

After using the mask either wash it if is washable or dispose of it properly in an enclosed dustbin.

Avoid touching the lift button and door handles

Lift buttons, public place doors, handles, and knob are prone to be the most infected areas. If an infected person comes into the elevator, the elevator is at risk of being infected. Use the pen or your elbow to push the button in the elevator.

Similarly, if you happen to touch the public doors or handles, wash your hands with soapy water as soon as possible or clean the hands with a hand sanitizer.

The information given above is presented using references from various sources and if you have any objections, please let us know.

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