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How to Clean Washing Machine | Maintenance Tips For Your Washing Machine

 How to Clean Washing Machine

Your washing machine is a household work stallion which is absolutely necessary for your daily life but is often taken for granted. Considering that you have spent a big chunk of your budget on a washing machine, it makes sense to protect your investment and keeps it efficient for a longer time.

This is why it is important to know how to clean your washing machine and prevent breakages from happening. Let’s take a look at how to maintain your washing machine clean.

How to Clean Front Loading Washing Machine?

The electricity saving ability is the primary benefit of utilizing a front loading washing machine. As a result, it is preferable to clean these devices in an environment-friendly manner.

The washers have the ability to produce moulds with a foul odor. However, cleaning these devices is simple and requires only common kitchen items. This is you’ll need to do to clean a front-loading washing machine.

✔ In a small jar, combine 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of baking soda.

✔ Pour your machine’s detergent dispenser with this mix.

✔ Pour 2 cups of vinegar into the drum of the washing machine.

✔ Set your front loader to regular mode and the maximum water temperature.

✔ Set your front loader to regular mode and the maximum water temperature.

✔ Turn on the machine, and relax while it cleans itself.

Baking soda and vinegar can assist in the removal of mineral deposits and mould. The sponge is useful for scrubbing the tough mould deposits. Clean the residue with clean water. Your machine is now spotless and ready to use. This technique should be repeated once a month or whenever required.

How to Clean Front Loading Washing Machine Drum

Let’s look at how to clean front-loading washing machine drum.

Dissolve little cleaning liquid in some water. Alternatively, a detergent solution in warm water can be used. Wipe your front loader drum with a clean cloth dipped in this solution.

Wipe the drum dry with the other clean dry cloth. Before using the washing machine, keep the door open for a while to enable the residue to evaporate.

How to clean front load Dryer

Your washing machine’s dryer is an essential component. Let’s take a look at how to clean front-loading dryer now.

✔ You should focus your attention on the lint filter.

✔ To remove the maximum possible lint, use the narrow nozzle on your vacuum. Wipe off the lint using a duster.

✔ The inside of the dryer, and even the door seal need to be cleaned.

✔ The dryer lint duct can be removed, allowing you to completely clean it.

✔ Examine the outside part to verify there are no obstructions preventing the air from freely escaping.

✔ The all-purpose cleaning sprays may also be used to remove melted crayon inks and other stains.

Use the dryer with a few old towels or cloths before using it to dry your regular items. Any residue left over from the drying process will be removed.

How to Clean Top Loading Washing Machine?

The method is identical to that of cleaning a front-loading washing machine.

In the areas with hard water, the washing machine descaler comes in handy. It aids in the removal of salt deposits.

Bleach and Vinegar Cleaning

✔ Set your machine to the maximum load size, hottest water temperature, and longest wash cycle possible.

✔ To the water, add the bleach or vinegar. Now add the baking soda and water combination.

✔ Operate the machine. The cleaning is done by the machine itself.

✔ After you’ve completed the cleaning work, wipe the washing drum clean.

✔ To eliminate the residues of these chemicals from the machine, repeat the method without the vinegar and baking soda.

Cleanse the Detergent Tray

Cleaning the detergent tray in a front-loading washing machine is the same as cleaning it in a top-loading washing machine.

Clean The Exterior of Washing Machine

Mix equal parts vinegar and warm water to make a solution. Wipe the outside surfaces clean with a cloth or sponge.

The washing machine cleaners are available online. Don’t forget to perform the process at least once a month. This will ensure the washing machine’s durability.

How to Clean Semi-Automatic Washing Machine?

How to clean the washer

✔ Set your machine to the highest load setting and fill it up with warm water.

✔ Allow 3-4 cups of white vinegar in the machine by spinning it for a minute.

✔ Then add half a cup of baking soda to the water and run the machine to combine the baking soda and vinegar.

✔ Cool down the machine for an hour.

✔ Meanwhile, a wet soft cloth dipped in a solution of warm water, baking soda, and vinegar may be used to wipe the top of the wash bin and the knobs.

✔ After 1 hour of soaking, finish the wash cycle.

✔ Wipe any residue remaining in the wash tub with a damp towel.

How to clean the dryer

✔ Remove the lint trap and clean it with a gentle brush and dish soap.

✔ Clean the dryer’s output vent and the pipe that connects to it.

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Maintenance of the washing machine should be done constantly. Here are some Maintenance Tips For Your Washing Machine that can maintain and prolong the life of your laundry appliance.

Don’t Overload Your Washing Machine

In order to save electricity and another washing cycle, we stuff everything we can into one load of laundry, which is one of the leading causes of washing machine failure.

However, each washer has its maximum capacity and if this limit is surpassed, your laundry will not be adequately washed or tumbled. 

This will also put extra strain on the motor and reduce the life of the machine in the long term. Wash in bulk but don’t overdo it. Remember to never overload your washing machine with clothes!

Any instruction manual for a new machine will give that simple advice for good reason. Fill the load to overflowing and the clothes are not going to wash as well. Run a cycle without a full load and you’ve used exactly the same amount of soap, water, and power.

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Check the Water Intake Hoses

Another washing machine maintenance tip to ensure your washing machine works smoothly is to inspect the fill and drain hoses. Water goes into your washing machine through the tubes called ‘fill hoses’ and drains out through the ‘drain hoses’.

Over a period of time, these plastic or rubber hoses can wear down and eventually cause ruptures or cracks, which may lead to a water leak. Inspect your washer hoses every few months for any signs of cracks, blistering, splitting or wear and tear. Most of the washing machine manufacturers suggest that you should replace the hoses every couple of years or so.

Also, clean the filter of the washer hose. This can cause a very high water pressure which might damage the rubber seal of the hose resulting in causing the leakage.

Clean Out Your Lint Filter Regularly

The “lint filter” is a very long, narrow filter at the bottom of the machine which can be unscrewed and pulled out. Washing machines collect lint during the wash cycle and rinse it down with the water during draining.

The filter contains lots of dirt, lost coins, clothe fluff, etc. This can be quite a satisfying job since everything you wash out of this filter is less that can be drawn into your washing machine pump.

Check the washer tube every couple of months to make sure it’s not getting clogged with lint. Lint filter should be cleaned every three to six months.

Keep The Level

Make sure the washing machine is leveled. An unbalanced machine can cause extreme vibrations in the machine, resulting in the motor working harder. The moment a machine has to work hard, the more power it will pull from the supply.

You can typically correct this excessive vibration by adjusting your machine’s legs to ensure that the machine is completely leveled. Adjust the front and back legs so they are even, and close to the ground. If this doesn’t solve the problem, call an appliance repair service.

Clean The Surface of The Washing Machine

To avoid dust and grime from infiltrating the mechanical parts of your washer you should clean the exterior surfaces of the washer and also inside the drum on a regular basis. You can use a damp cloth with a mild detergent to wipe the surfaces clean.

Clean your washing machine every now and then by using white vinegar and setting your machine to an empty wash and rinse cycle. It helps get rid of detergent residues and prevents the accumulation of hardened molds or mineral deposits in the pipes. Allow it to drain completely. You can run another quick washing cycle that will flush out the remaining vinegar residues.

You may also substitute lemon juice instead of vinegar. There are other machine cleaning products as well.

Prevent Mouldy Odors

Sometimes, we notice an unpleasant odor inside the drum before starting a load. This is due to the mould effects.

To overcome this problem, just leave the door open after the load for some time and once the drum is dried out, the odor will vanish.. In case of a frontload washing machine, once the laundry is done, just clean the rubber seal around the door. This will avoid the mouldy odors keeping your machine smelling fresh.

Count On Your Detergent

The detergents used in the washing machine contain some significant ingredients that can remove dirt considerably. When it comes to getting your clothes clean and fresh, the question arises is how much detergent should be used to clean your laundry?

The answer is simple, for newer washing machines, lesser is better. Generally, for a normal wash load, a spoonful of detergent is enough. Too much detergent will leave a deposit which is hard on your washer. So ensure to put the right amount of detergent to wash your clothes.


By regularly inspecting parts and performing a few simple washing machine repairs, you can prevent more serious damage that would require professional machine repair or even replacement. Being conscious of these tips you can significantly save money on the dreaded electricity bill and also extend the life of your washer machine.

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