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How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode
How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode

After a long beta testing, WhatsApp has finally rolled out the ‘WhatsApp Dark Mode’ feature for all users of Android and iOS.

WhatsApp, an instant messaging app owned by Facebook, has been testing Dark Mode for both operating systems for a longer period of time. Meanwhile, a beta version was released for both Android and iOS. Now that it has been launched for all users, of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp claims the Dark Mode is targeted at reducing eye strain while chatting in lowlight surroundings. With the advent of these new features, WhatsApp will be easier and simpler to use in case of low light or darkness.

The company also claims that the new color pattern condenses the glare and aids to improve readability and contrast. The dark mode also reduces the light emitted from the screen, which also reduces the battery consumption of the phone.

Steps to enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp

Turning on Dark Mode in WhatsApp is very easy. All you have to do is follow a few steps.

How to enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp
Steps to enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp

STEP 1 Open WhatsApp

Download the latest update of WhatsApp Beta and open the app.

STEP 2 Go to ‘Setting ‘option

Once the app is open, you have to click on the three vertical dots (vertical ellipsis) that appear at the upper right corner where you will see the setting option.

Click on the ‘Settings’ option.

STEP 3 Select ‘Chat’ Option

Click on the ‘Chat’ Option.

Here, many options will be visible.

STEP 4 Go to ‘Theme’

Select the ‘Theme’ option.

STEP 5 Choose ‘Dark Mode’

Clicking on the ‘Theme’ option will open a new window.

Two options will be available under this. ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ mode.

STEP 6 Turn on ‘Dark Mode’

Here you have to choose the dark mode option.

Clicking on it will enable the dark mode.

STEP 7. Click on the ‘System Default’ settings.

Additionally, you can click on the ‘System Default’ settings which will automatically change the dark and light mode according to the system settings.

These were some simple steps to enable the Dark Mode feature on your smartphone.

If this feature is not visible on your phone, you can manually update the WhatsApp version from Google Play Store or App Store.

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