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11 Best Induction Cooktop Brands in India: 2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

[Best] Induction Cooktop Buying Guide
[Best] Induction Cooktop Buying Guide

Induction cooking is becoming increasingly popular in every situation where food is cooked and prepared using this technology, it is possible to cook faster, safer and for less cost, and even lessening the chore of clean-up afterward.

An induction cooktop can be a fantastic addition to any kitchen, supplementing your existing devices, or providing a safer, more energy-efficient alternative.

If you are planning for buying an induction cooktop, it’s a fantastic decision. It can be an amazing addition to any kitchen. But which are the best induction portable cooktops? How good are these induction cooktops for your kitchen and how to buy a good induction cooktop?

Here is the list of 12 Best Induction Cooktops in India for 2020, with their Reviews & Buyer’s Guide. This will ease out your tedious work of buying the best induction cooktop.

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Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

Philips is a renowned brand in the electronics market. It has its own line of induction cooktops that will give its competitors a run for their money. Philips induction cooktop is among the best electric cooktop that is available so far. Discover here the latest technology, its pros, and the cons of this amazing cooktop.

philips induction cooker hd4928

The best feature of this high-tech cooktop is it doesn’t necessitate the installation. Just plug it in in an electric power point and you are good to go cooking without worrying.

This amazing gadget provides the ability of delayed cooking of 24 hours with preset timer function.

This cooktop offers a convenient Touch Control Panel. It also has 6 preset menus best for Indian cooking. Additionally, each mode has an accompanying led indicator above the button.

The cooktop is also energy efficient that heats immediately when you need it, keeping the surface around the pot cool. And addition to that safety feature, the Philips induction cooktop also has a child safety lock system.

All of these things are perfect for people who may not be excellent in the kitchen. Buying this induction cooktop will be a wise decision for you.

The Good

✅ Stylish & durable cooktop
✅ Lots of preset options
✅ User-friendly functions
✅ Preset modes are adjustable for desired temperature and time
✅ Highly efficient
✅ Faster cooking time

The Bad

⛔ Makes noise during the operation
⛔ Electricity consumption is at a higher side

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How to Clean an Induction Stovetop

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Prestige PIC 20 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop with Push Button

At first glance, the Prestige PIC 20 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop with Push Button is pretty good looking. It’s probably one of the more pleasing induction cooktops for the eyes and considering that a lot of people buy appliances to suit the décor of their home.

philips induction cooker hd4928

Best Induction Cooktop in India

This cooktop is powered by 230 V AC, and power rated at 1200 watts.

The cooktop is quite comprehensible and simple. With this design, the user will find that it’s not much of a hassle to adjust their settings.

This appliance functions only with cookware with induction base. Its anti-magnetic walls ensure to prevent the wastage of energy. This is the best induction cooktop with low power consumption.

This cooktop takes pride in its cook surface sensors that actively respond to the presence and actual size of the pan and adjust the power level accordingly. There’s also an automatic shut-off feature, as well as an overheat sensor.

This product is definitely a winner by itself. If you are the type who prefers the ease and comfort of a cooktop that gives you real value for your money, then this cooktop is for you.

The Good

✅ Value for money product
✅ Portable and compact design
✅ Convenient in use
✅ Automatic voltage regulator saves power
✅ Easy to maintain
✅ Aerodynamic cooling system
✅ Durable

The Bad

⛔ Based on its configuration of 1200 Watt the heating is little slow as compared to other higher Watt cooktops
Makes noise
⛔ Sometimes shows error

Best Induction Cooktop in India

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Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop

Are you looking for a cooktop that would give you the ease and convenience of cooking your favorite food, without spills, consuming less energy, and at the fastest time possible? The new Bajaj Majesty induction cooktop promises you only the best.

philips induction cooker hd4928

This induction cooktop offers 8 preset menus with push-button control. The operating temperature range is 70 to 270 degrees Celsius and the Working Voltage Range offered is 130V TO 260V AC. The device’s wattage is power is 1900 Watt.

This cooktop provides Push-button controls, digital display; and auto shut-off facility. This cooktop shuts-off within one minute if no cookware is detected. One of the best features of this gadget is the power switch displays the amount of power consumed during cooking.

With Bajaj Majesty induction cooktop in the market today, buying one can truly make your cooking experience delectably enriching.

The Good

✅ Energy-saving product
✅ Hassle-free cooking with 8 preset menus
✅ Durable appliance
✅ Auto shut-off safety feature

The Bad

⛔ Only induction compatible utensils must be used.

Best Induction Cooktop in India

Usha Cook Joy (3616) 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop

Usha Cook Joy induction cooktop brings some pretty quality induction cooking to just about anywhere you’d need it. But it’s not really about the wattage here; this cooktop has five pre-set menus in addition to different manual control settings that give the user the freedom to cook a wide variety of things without worrying whether or not the induction cooktop has the ability to handle it.

philips induction cooker hd4928

The device has a power of 1600 watts and is capable of withstanding the voltage fluctuation up to 1500 volts.

And lastly, Usha Cook Joy Induction cooktop has a pan sensor for safety. When there’s no cookware present, the cooktop turns off, meaning that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ve mistakenly left it on.

In short, this induction cooktop has the ability to handle what a person needs in the moment that they do.

The Good

✅ Energy efficient
✅ Pan detection sensor
✅ Withstands voltage fluctuations up to 1500 volts.
✅ Easy usage and maintenance

The Bad

⛔ Device is not long-lasting due to plastic built.

Best Induction Cooktop in India

Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop with Sensor touch

The new Philips induction cooktop takes pride in its features and functionality through its modern induction technology. Induction cooking has never been at its best with this cooktop with specifications that set itself apart from the rest of its kind.

philips induction cooker hd4928

It requires only a normal household outlet and produces and amazing 2100 watts of power for cooking.

This induction cooktop provides 10 different preset menus, with up to 3 hours of time setting and 24 hours preset timer function for delayed cooking.

It takes so little counter space, the elements heat quickly and it gives you precision temperature control and auto shut-off feature to cook your food safely.

Although the price of this cooktop is a bit higher than the other brands, you are assured of superior performance that outclasses its traditional counterparts.

The Good

✅ Trendy, smart and durable
✅ Quick and efficient cooking
✅ User friendly sensor touch keys
✅ Value for money product
✅ Ample of Indian menu options

The Bad

⛔ Electricity consumption is at a higher side
⛔ Sometimes indicates errors

Best Induction Cooktop in India

Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

Watch out for the new Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise induction cooktop, an innovative kitchen technology that will surely capture the hearts of culinary lovers everywhere.

The growing popularity of induction cooking worldwide has inspired Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise to create this unique induction cooktop with features that outperform the traditional cooktops in the market today.

philips induction cooker hd4928

Its features are not that ordinary at all. With the use of electromagnetism, this induction cooktop not only cooks the food faster but also is energy efficient thereby saving 93 percent of energy.

This innovative cooktop boasts of its 1800 watts of power output by consuming 220 V of input. It comes in ceramic worktop material with soft push buttons.

One of the most useful features of this product is it has a 7 Segments LED Display on the front for displaying essential information regarding settings and temperature control. This facility enables the user to handle the device with ease and convenience.

Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise induction cooktop an automatic shut-off function for the safety in your kitchen. It has high-quality electrical parts that safeguard against short circuits.

The Good

✅ Highly energy efficient
✅ User friendly and easy to operate
✅ Exclusive high-quality material providing protection against short circuits.
✅ Easy usage and maintenance

The Bad

⛔ Only induction compatible utensils must be used.
⛔ Heavy consumption of electricity results in higher power bills.

Best Induction Cooktop in India

Prestige PIC 15.0+ 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop

As induction cooking is becoming a choice among culinary lovers everywhere, Prestige – the world’s one of the largest manufacturers of induction cooktops has come up with an impressive list of its quality cooktops at affordable prices.

The Prestige PIC 15.0+ 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop is reasonably giving its competitors a run for their money. This induction cooktop prides itself with features that are at par with other costly hobs in the market today.

philips induction cooker hd4928

It possesses a dual cooking function (COOK and WARM), with operating Voltage: 230 volts and power of 1900 Watt, and auto-shutoff protection for safety in the kitchen.

The product has a high-quality full glass body and the most prominent feature is that it is specially designed for protection against insects.

This cooktop provides the concealed Control Panel with feather touch smooth buttons which are simple and convenient in use.

The Good

✅ Superior performance and aesthetic product
✅ Provision of Automatic Voltage Regulator
✅ Exclusive design providing protection against insects
✅ Easy usage and maintenance

The Bad

 ⛔ Only induction compatible utensils must be used.

Best Induction Cooktop in India

Best Induction Cooktop in India

Havells Insta Cook PT 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop (Assorted Colors)

The Havells Insta Cook induction cooktop makes a great addition to your home or outdoor cooking area. It will hold a large skillet easily and distributes the heat across the bottom of the pan evenly.

philips induction cooker hd4928

This single touch operation induction cooktop is the best for the variable as well as fixed cooking offering you 6 different menus for cooking your desired food.

The unit has power consumption of 1600 W and the input power required is in the range of 220-240 V.

There’s also a digital LED display touch panel, located conveniently at the top of the model. Overheating sensor recognizes when there’s no cookware on the burner

According to the manufacturer, utensils recommended to use with this induction cooktop are grilling iron plates, stainless steel pots, cast Iron frying pots, stainless steel rice cookers, oil boiling pots, and stainless steel water jugs.

At the very least, the cooktop has the ability to get the job done, and that’s generally all that matters in the end.

The Good

✅ Best suited for Fixed and variable cooking
✅ Faster cooking with ease and convenience
✅ Auto switch off at an elevated temperature
✅ User friendly and easy to maintain

The Bad

⛔ Few customers weren’t much happy with after-sales service.

Best Induction Cooktop in India

Preethi Trendy Plus 116 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop

Preethi is India’s one of the kitchen appliances’ famous brands. It looks pretty high-tech, which is a far cry from a number of induction cooktops, even some of the newer ones still look a bit dated in design.

philips induction cooker hd4928

This induction cooktop offers an operating voltage of 230 volts and a power consumption of  1600 watts. It’s capable of cooking food at a temperature range of 60 to 240 degrees Celsius. This makes for a large variety of foods that can be cooked without much of a problem.

What’s good about this induction cooktop is that it has a larger heating base to accommodate large utensils. Its high-grade ceramic plate can withstand higher temperatures making the product greatly durable.

When it comes to functionality, the cooktop doesn’t really disappoint, as it has the capacity to cook a great number of things without having the person use plenty of other things when they’re just trying to make some nice dinner.

The Good

✅ Durable product
✅ Large heating base
✅ High grade ceramic plate to withstand elevated temperatures
✅ Great menu options for Indian kitchen

The Bad

⛔ Overheating problem at the maximum power

iBELL 2000 W Induction Cooktop

The new iBELL 2000 W Induction Cooktop, powered by its advanced technology, offers stylish features and user-friendly functions, thereby making cooking a fun activity for everyone. Its cutting-edge benefits are indeed a breath of fresh air to culinary enthusiasts all over.

philips induction cooker hd4928

It offers an automatic pot recognition feature that easily activates its magnetic cooking zone to the right size and a boost function that maximizes the cookpot’s power output to the satisfaction of every user. Its best feature is its automatic power-off function providing an overheat protection.

The flat high-quality crystal glass surface of this induction cooktops is capable of enduring high heat and at the same time, it makes cleaning an easy task by just simply wiping the surface with a damp cloth.

And its power savings benefit resulting from heat transferred directly to the food is something every user will welcome with open arms.

The Good

✅ User friendly and easy to maintain
✅ Power-savings benefit
✅ Auto switch off at an elevated temperature
✅ Good quality crystal glass surface capable of withstanding high heat

The Bad

⛔ Limited cooking menus

Prestige PIC 6.1 V3 2200-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black)

Prestige, a household brand for professional cooking, has come up with its sleek designs and touch-activated electronic controls. This is the induction cooktop that offers fast and efficient cooking with less power usage.

philips induction cooker hd4928

Prestige prides itself with an induction cooktop that displays up to 7 menu settings that allow the menu to be adjusted as per the Indian kitchen needs and dual heat sensors for optimized heating. The device also offers an automatic voltage regulator to withstand the voltage fluctuations.

This cooktop claims to have the Feather-touch buttons allowing users the ease and convenience of operation. The new Prestige PIC 6.1 induction cooktop is truly the kitchenware to beat.

The Good

✅ User friendly and easy to operate
✅ Power-savings benefit
✅ Single Touch Lid locking
✅ Great menu options for Indian kitchen

The Bad

⛔ Sometimes shows errors

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What Is an Induction Cooktop?

With a lot of buzz around the globe about the pressing need to conserve energy, science has come up with a lot of new ways to ensure that we use only as much energy as is actually needed.

An induction cooktop is one such a fantastic innovation that consumes less energy ensuring we save enough energy for our generations to come. This state of the art equipment works on the principle of induction heating instead of traditional cooking.

Unlike electric cooking or cooking through the gas flame, the induction cooktops use a magnetic field to heat up the pan and its contents. copper coil below the cooktop surface generates the magnetic field and distributes heat only to the area where the cooking appliance comes in contact with the cooktop surface.

This is how the best induction cooktop ensures that no energy is wasted as it does not heat up the surface of the cooktop surrounding the utensil, nor does it heat the surrounding air. In short, your cooktop ensures to deliver heat exactly where it is required and also exactly to an extent it is necessary.

Best Induction Cooktop Buyer’s Guide

Why Do You Need An Induction Cooktop?

[Best] Induction Cooktop Buying Guide
Induction Cooktop

The induction cooktop is a powerful machine and particularly designed to help people with quick-cooking, no matter whatever the situation of weather is outside.

The flame-less design is ideal and highly beneficial in outdoor cooking situations where it is too windy for a flame type to work with ease. They have good control over adjusting the heat and all other relevant things which will ensure a top-class cooking session outside and away from the house.

The designs of almost all the products are compact and they are usually very light in weight, which helps people to carry such machines with utmost ease while they are on the move or cooking outside.

It doesn’t need an open flame and produces a magnetic field to produce heat while the cooking surface remains cool. This significantly reduces the risk of any accidental burns. It’s also a breeze to set-up because it just requires a power socket to work.

How to Select Best Induction Cooktop?

Following are some essential tips for buying induction cooktop.

Size Of Cooktop

[Best] Induction Cooktop Buying Guide
Size of the Induction Cooktop

During your search for an induction cooktop, the very first consideration will be the size. The smallest ones can start with 30cm width while the biggest ones can go to as much as about 90cm.

Even though every cooktop is different, the size that is most common of which is 60cm. If you have plans to replace your old cooktop, see to it that you measure the space that is available on your current benchtop then check the dimensions of your cooktop when you are planning to buy one.

The sizes have already changed through the years and you wouldn’t want to learn the hard way that your new appliance is either too small or too big for space.

Number of Cooking Zones

The number of cooking zones available in the marketplace are from 1 to 5. If you have more cooking zones, it will be easier to prepare larger food quantities. Wide cooktops can easily and safely accommodate the big pans and pots that are perfect if your family is growing and you will need to cook plenty of food.

Generally, portable cooktops are available with a single cooking zone whereas stand-alone and built-in cooktops models contain 2-5 zones.

The bigger cooktops can offer space for extra hobs.

Touch Controls

The majority of the models of these cooktops come with touch controls instead of the control knobs. Such models will give you the chance of changing the temperature with a mere touch of the glass surface.

These touch controls are perfect if you like your cooktop to have a seamless merger with your kitchen benchtop, not to mention that this also makes cleaning very easy.

Power Rate of Induction Cooktop

Another significant point you must consider while buying the induction cooktop is the power rate. Higher the power rate, the quicker the meal is prepared!

Usually, most of the induction cooktops available in the market have the power rate ranging from 1000-2000 W. While looking for the cooktop, consider the one with higher a higher power rate, i.e. 2000 W.

Also, the induction cooktop size plays a substantial role in deciding the power rate. Cooktop with lager size obviously needs more power rate in order to deliver high performance.

Safety Features

1) Auto Shut-Off Safety Feature

In all induction cooktops, safety is of great concern. The safety features in such a system include the ‘Auto shut-off’ if the system is not in use or a cooking zone is ‘ON’ for a prolonged period of time without any alteration of temperature.

This ‘Auto shut-off’ time depends on the heat setting of the cooktop. The lower the setting, the lengthier the cooking zone will remain in the ‘ON’ position.

2) Child-Lock Safety Feature

Most of the advanced induction cooktops come with Child-lock safety features. This is also a fantastic feature of the modern cooktop in order to protect the kids from getting burn injuries.

When the Child-lock feature is ‘ON’, only the power switch is activated and all the other buttons are seized and deactivated.

Overflow Protection

[Best] Induction Cooktop Buying Guide
Overflow Protection of Induction Cooktop

The induction cooktop automatically detects a spill on the controls. The system then results in ‘Shutting down’ the device followed by a ‘Beeping’ sound.

Just wipe out the spill and you are good to go again with further cooking. This is an imperative feature; as the further spilling of liquids can destroy the control panel or other mishaps can happen.

Automatic Pan Detection

Automatic pan detection is one of the popular features in induction cooktops. Through this feature, the cooktop automatically detects the suitable sized and induction-compatible pan on the cooking zone for generating the correct amount of heat.

The cooktop doesn’t function and ‘Shuts –Off’ if the pan is removed or is incompatible. Once you place the right pan on the cooking zone, it resumes its cooking operation thereby providing the right amount of heat.

Pre-Set Function

Pre-Set Function of Induction Cooktop

With the Pre-set Function feature, choose the corresponding pre-set buttons for performing different tasks like cooking the food, keeping the food warm, or boiling water.

This feature enables the user to program the cooktop to shut-off and decrease the temperature at a pre-set time.

Pre-Set Menu Feature

This feature allows the user the different quick-cooking modes like boil, grill, milk, fry, etc. The cooktop is set with distinct heat and time for each type of food.

Just pre-set your menu for a certain type of food as per your requirement and let the induction cooktop adjust the rest of the settings. This will save your precious time and make your life far easier.

Ease of Use and Installation

It should be considered as one of the most significant aspects when buying a particular induction cooktop option. Everybody wants the ease of use and convenience when buying an advanced portable system.

The buyer must consider that the wired ones have long and safe wires to use the system with ease. The controls should be uncomplicated, flexible, and must give great suitability to the users in every manner.

Extra Value Features

If you are looking for an advanced system, you must consider the advance or the value-added features which will make your system more adaptive and versatile to perform a variety of cooking tasks with ease and absolutely flawlessly.

Some of such value-added features are warming modes, pan pressure sensors, or simmer.


The budget for some can be the first thing to consider. You must set aside a reasonable budget which will allow you to purchase a quality item.

If you research well on the internet, definitely you will find something absolutely suitable according to your needs and the budget you have.

Final Thoughts

Hope, this article has cleared up the doubts for buying the best induction cooktop. The best induction cooktop will suit just about anyone who is looking for safer, faster, and more efficient cooking.

This efficiency can reduce your electricity bills, while the reduced cooking time will give you more time for your other activities and the cooler surface can eliminate the danger of burned fingers of kids who are curious about what they will have for dinner.

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