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Best Smart Home Gadgets in India for 2021

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Best Smart Home Devices
Smart Home Gadgets

Thinking about converting your house into a Smart Home?

Great, get excited! We’re here for you.

Building or renovating your house using smart home gadgets should be fun, easy, and stress-free. But sometimes it can be difficult getting all the information you need to start your home automation project.

You have questions, and you need answers.

Sit back and relax. We’ve done all the research and compiled all the information for you into a single clear, coherent and comprehensive guide.

Smart Home automation is one of the biggest ongoing trends in technology, and you have every reason to be at the front of the wave!

So what are you waiting for? Explore away!

What is Smart Home Technology?

With the advancement of technology, we find new technologies rolling in faster and faster into our daily affairs even at home. The term ‘Smart Home’ is becoming more and more prevalent around the world and has become a standard practice.

“Home Automation” is another term for “Smart Home.”

Home automation functions by automating everything in the house and using technology to manage and perform tasks that we would usually perform manually.

Home automation takes control of a number of tasks across the smart home. Most of these interventions are as simple as turning on the sprinklers at a certain time of the day and preventing burglars in the middle of night.

Others are more modern such as adjusting lighting ambiance, detecting the presence of a human in a room, adjusting room temperature, and altering music volume based on factors like the day of the week and time.

With the onset of different apps and programs home automation has never been more affordable. One simple click or swish on your smartphone, can make changes to you home from your phone.

There has never been a better time to feel at ease knowing you can access your system anywhere. At work or at play.

The best products we’ve checked for each corner for your smart house are mentioned below.

Cool Smart Home Gadgets in India

A Glimpse of Smart Home Automation Gadgets

All-New Amazon Echo – 4th Gen (Best Smart Home Speakers)

Best Smart Home Devices

+ Easy set-up

+ Alexa skills

+ Voice commands

+ Multiple features

+ Good compatibility

Amazon Echo (4th Gen) uses Amazon’s revolutionary Alexa voice-powered technology, is a leading platform for home automation. The Echo will function independently by connecting to a cloud-based service to play music, make calls, set alarms and times, ask questions, and even request weather and traffic updates.

Various omnidirectional microphones and several speakers are used in the Amazon Echo, making it simple to capture voice commands from across a space.

There’s also the Echo Spot smart alarm clock, Echo Display portable TV, and even an Echo Auto for your vehicle, the Echo Plus and Fire TV Cube media players, which all are Alexa integrated while using the same smart technology.

Whichever Echo model you choose, it should work with the majority of smart peripherals.

Overall, Amazon has been putting a lot of effort into making its Alexa-enabled products as available as possible. Also keep an eye out for ongoing special sales during the year that could include discounts on any or all of the Echo line.

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Echo Show 8 (Smart display with Alexa)

Best Smart Home Devices

+ Sharp screen

+ Powerful sound

+ Hassle-free video calling and messaging

+ Alexa skills

+ Easy smart home control

Smart displays are voice-controlled smart home gadgets that also have full touchscreen displays and are perfect devices for controlling your home automation, providing a range of unique features that take advantage of the built-in monitor.

The Alexa-enabled Echo Show 8 integrates with Alexa to provide vibrant visual effects on an 8-inch HD screen with fabulous stereo sound in a design that suits in any room of your house.

Simply ask Alexa to display  your favorite TV shows, movies, music with lyrics, weather forecasts, news broadcasts, or to manage your smart home.

It has a built-in camera, so you can ask Alexa to make video calls to friends and family or keep an eye on your children’s room while you’re doing your everyday chores.

Eufy Robovac 11S Vacuum Cleaner (Robotic Vacuum Cleaner)

Best Smart Home Devices

+ Hands-Free Cleaning

+ Brilliant Boostiq Technology

+ Quiet operation

+ Long duration operation per charge

+ Affordable

When time is short, saving on even seconds will make a major difference in the day.   As a result, letting a smart vacuum clean your floors while you focus on other tasks where you’re needed most will save your time and energy.

To get through the mess, the vacuum cleaner’s broad wheels roll over carpets and crawl over door ledges. The cleaner’s big 0.6 L dustbox retains more dirt per clean, reducing the need to empty it as often.

RoboVac’s function of moving to the charging base when power is low impressed us greatly, ensuring that it is still charged and ready to vacuum. To prevent dropping down stairs or off ledges, it incorporates drop-sensing technology.

Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation (Smart Thermostat)

Best Smart Home Devices

+ Easy Installation

+ Home/Away feature

+ Auto-Schedule

+ Elegant design

+ Alexa skills

The intelligence lies in devices that can react to the rhythm of the residents. With “Nest” there is a self-learning radiator thermostat which learns the daily routine of the residents through use.

The Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation is a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat that enables you to monitor your home’s heating and cooling system through an app or by your voice commands.

If you notify the Nest Smart Thermostat when you normally go to bed, it will ensure that the house is at your preferred temperature by that time.

It measures not only your routine, but also the time required to make your home cozy. However, if you’re looking for a high-end device, Nest Thermostat is a decent option.

When no one is home, Nest Thermostat automatically lowers the temperature to conserve the electricity.

Nest Thermostat is also a good device to invest in if you’re looking to create a larger smart home setup, thanks to Google.

Furbo Dog Camera

Best Smart Home Devices

+ Realtime Dog Activity and Barking Alert

+ Cloud Recording

+ Treat Tosser

+ Night Vision Camera

+ Two-Way Audio

Keep a tab on your four-legged friend with this important indoor home surveillance camera. You now have a second line of protection in the form of the Furbo Dog Camera. It helps you to keep track of your dog and house from wherever you are using your smartphone.

Furbo is a dog camera that offers flawless 1080p video even in low light, as well as barking warnings and two-way audio so you can listen and speak to your pet.

The camera’s biggest advantage is that it helps you to toss treats to your pet while you’re out.

Dissimilar to other cameras that alert you about general motion and sound warnings, Furbo only sends you alerts when something major happens to your dog. Furbo identifies and records significant dog-related activities in video clips.

Save the videos to your smartphone by uploading them. With a 160-degree wide-angle, 4x zoom, you can also live stream footage to record your pupper at all hours of the day and night.

The Furbo Dog Camera is expensive, particularly when compared to conventional security cameras, but it’s reliable, convenient, and gives you reassurance that your dog and home are well protected.

Google Nest WiFi Router (Best Smart Router)

Best Smart Home Devices

+ Solid performance

+ Mesh networking feature

+ Stylish design

+ Integrated Google Assistant voice technology.

Google’s Nest Wi-Fi router offers adequate mesh networking functionality and an interactive extension speaker for the average home. It’s the best mesh Wi-Fi device, and easy to install as well as use.

The Google Nest Wi-Fi router offers easy and efficient Wi-Fi coverage up to 2200 square feet. The network is maintained safe and stable thanks to its automatic upgrade functionality. Google Wi-Fi and Nest Wi-Fi are greatly compatible.

It’s a fantastic mesh router with fast top speeds, good range efficiency, simple features, and reliable band steering. The range-extending Nest Wi-Fi Points are available in three colors and can also be used as Google Assistant smart speakers.

The Google Home App can be used to set up the Google Nest Wi-Fi router. The app allows users to link and control devices in their network. They can also interrupt Wi-Fi to minimize the kids screen time.

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August Home Smart Lock (Smart Lock For Home)

Best Smart Home Devices

+ Automatic Lock and Unlock

+ Works with Alexa, Siri, Google, and more

+ Easy to installation

+ Simplified design

Smart locks for home from August are very common, and for good reason. Because of the retrofit feature, they can be installed without having to replace the current deadbolt. It’s capable of working with Google, Siri, and Alexa smart home setups.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock’s strong third-party integrations, multi-platform support, and convenience of use are all compelling reasons to buy it.

Auto Lock and Unlock, support for Alexa, Google, and Siri voice commands, Apple HomeKit and IFTTT applet support, and easily integrated with a range of home automation platforms are just a few of the features.

It’s more expensive than a non-connected device, and you’ll need to have a decent supply of CR123 batteries on hand, as with most smart locks.

TP-Link Smart Plug (Smart Plug With Alexa)

Best Smart Home Devices

+ Remote Access

+ Amazon Echo Voice Control

+ No Hub Required

+ Scheduling Facility

Anyone interested in testing out a home automation system, should start with smart plug with Alexa. These allow you to programme the plug to switch on and off according to a schedule or even your position.

Switch devices on and off, check their status, build schedules, set timers, and more with this TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug.

Simply use the Kasa software on your smartphone or tablet to access your gadgets even when you’re not at home, and use away mode to make it appear as if you are.

It will allow you to easily monitor lights, fans, humidifiers, and a variety of other devices. This Smart Plug is compatible with Amazon Echo, allowing you to have full control over your devices with only your voice.

Advantages of Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation can sometimes be expensive but you will definitely love the different perks of having an automated house.

It provides a homeowner with a plethora of fantastic benefits. Here are some of the advantages of a smart home to offer you an understanding.

Great Scope For Saving Money and Energy

Setting up a smart home automation system would save you money on wasted energy by eliminating the power usage of unmonitored appliances and gadgets left behind.

In a “smart home”, for example, light, heating, security systems, and smoke detectors communicate with each other and with your mobile phone (e.g. iPhone). This then results in a gain in convenience or energy costs can be saved.

Utmost Convenience

Installing a home automation device will also yield you a lot of flexibility and convenience. End users benefit from the ease of home automation technology because it automates rote tasks.

Many smart devices are compatible with one another, and you can use different triggers to automate common household tasks. When you open the front door, for example, you might programme your smart locks to switch on your smart lighting.

As long as you have internet connectivity, you can handle all of your home functions from anywhere in the world.

Secure Your Home and Belongings

Home protection encompasses a wide range of home automation systems. These devices are purchased by consumers who want to keep their homes safer and more secure.

Security cameras provide advantages by either remote monitoring or real-time video of home occupants or unauthorized people. Automated lighting deters would-be burglars, and motion sensors enable people to enter doors and walk corridors during night.

Lighting Control And Appliance Safety

You can monitor appliances in your home from any place with the click of a button thanks to automation. You can also adjust the lighting. This helps you to conserve energy by ensuring the lights and devices are switched off while you away from home.

You may also switch on the lights at particular times to make it appear as though you are at home, enhancing your home’s security.

Keep a Check on Kids And Pets

For any parent, the safety of their children is imperative. Smart  Home automation keeps an eye on them even while you’re not at home, allowing you to keep an eye on them.

When they return home in your absence, you can open the doors and have the porch lit. Via surveillance cameras, you can keep track of when they arrive and leave home.

You can also monitor your pets or even use a device’s speaker to instruct your pet to get off the sofa.

If you’re a busy parent, investing in a smart home gadgets will benefit you in far more ways than the ones mentioned.

Save Your Precious Time

These days, life is extremely hectic, and numerous household tasks keep you on your toes. Consider returning home for a few minutes to tweak a household object or to answer the door for your children after school.

You should automate it so you don’t have to leave the house. This allows you to save a lot of time and increase your productivity.

Full Control While You Are Away From Home

As previously stated, a smart home automation system offers you full control over your home’s lighting, heating, and power from anywhere with internet access.

You will still have access to run and handle your home if you need to be out of town. During the night, you can monitor if all doors are closed, switch off unnecessary lights or gadgets, and more.

Contributes To Economy

Installing a smart home automation systems in your household would undoubtedly help our economy.

Contributing to the economy is described as paying for the system, but ensuring that you are using the appropriate amount of power and resources is also an opportunity to contribute.

It is also beneficial to the economy to eliminate or reduce unused energy at home.

Summing Up

Smart devices will help you be more productive and make your life easier and more comfortable. In addition, technology is becoming more affordable.

Automation aids society. And once you bring it into your home, it will aid you, too. With a few purchases of smart home gadgets, you can transform your house into a smart home.

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