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HP vs Lenovo Laptops – Which Brand is Best in 2021?

Laptops HP vs Lenovo

If you’re looking for a new laptop, you’ll undoubtedly see HP and Lenovo laptops around. HP has been there for a long time and is still one of the most prominent ones today.

However, they are less popular than Lenovo, which is world’s largest selling laptop brand. While the fact that Lenovo is a Chinese firm contributes to its appeal (China has a population of 1.4 billion people), there are numerous more reasons why their devices are so famous.

Lenovo has produced several excellent laptops with the introduction of the Thinkpad and the Ideapad. But how do they stack up against HP? So, let’s examine the HP Vs Lenovo Laptops and discover where they differ and which one is superior.

They both have a large selection of laptops to pick from. Let’s take a closer look at them.

HP Laptops Deals

Lenovo Laptops Deals

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Detailed Comparison Between HP Vs Lenovo Laptops

1. Best Brand For Gaming Laptops


HP’s beast, the HP Omen is the most expensive edition has features that will leave you amazed. It has an i7-9750H processor, 16GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD, and an 8GB NVIDIA RTX 2080 Graphics.

Because of this, the laptop is perfect for gaming, streaming, programming, and video editing. Basically whatever you desired to do.

In addition to above, it also includes a Quad HD Display. This ensures that whether you’re gaming or viewing movies, you’ll receive lifelike graphics. Furthermore, it has anti-glare, allowing you to use the laptop for hours (quite impressive, right?).

So, if you’re seeking the best gaming laptops, HP is the company to go with.


Lenovo is the brand to search for if you want a gaming laptop at economical price. The Legion Series offers gaming laptops that are both inexpensive and powerful. Modern games such as FIFA, GTA V, Fortnite, PUBG, and others can be played without lag.

A gaming laptop from Lenovo costs less than Rs. 50000. Yes, we’re talking about the Lenovo Ideapad L340, which has an i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a GeForce GTX 10503GB GDDR5.

If you spend a lot of time playing Fortnite or PUBG, this is the laptop for you.

If you are something more powerful at a more reasonable price? The Lenovo Legion Y7000 is one option. This baby has an i5 processor, a NVIDIA GTX 1050 3GB Graphics, and 8GB RAM.

This laptop is notable for having both a 256GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. This enables a speedy boot while also providing plenty of storage capacity.

If your budget permits, checkout Lenovo Legion Y740. This is one of most powerful gaming laptops. Run everything at full settings for the best experience, whether it’s FIFA or GTA.

Winner: Unless you’re on a tight budget, HP is the clear winner.

2. Business Laptops


HP has HP zBook, which competes with the Lenovo Yoga. In fact, it exceeds it in certain ways because it has a 4k display. Because of its power and speed, as well as its portability, it is the ideal workspace.

However, HP does not win this classification in my opinion due to a lack of convertible laptop options. There are some more laptops worth considering, such as the HP Pavilion, but they are only appropriate for persons who work at a desk.


Lenovo is my pick for business purposes. This is due to its line of convertible computers, such as the Lenovo Flex.

This laptop comes with an SSD. The finest element about it, though, has to be the ease of use and mobility it provides to users.

This is due to the fact that you may convert from laptop mode to tablet mode in a matter of seconds. As a result, you’ll be able to access your files from anywhere, at any time. And, because it’s so light and small, you shouldn’t have any trouble transporting it anyplace.

If you require something a little more upscale, there’s the Lenovo Yoga 2020. This laptop is fast, seamless, convertible, and powerful all at the same time. When you pair this with the extended battery life, you can run any software the whole day.

Winner: Lenovo, since it provides a greater choice of convertible laptops.

3. Chromebooks

Chromebooks are ideal for those who require a laptop for streaming and occasional work. This is due to a lack of specifications for high-end tasks. However, they are also reasonably priced.


HP Chromebooks aren’t far behind, though. They, in reality, provide the best value for money. Why? They are well-designed, efficient, and economical.

Most mid-range to low-cost HP Chromebooks, such as the Newest HP 14, are powered by a Celeron or AMD processor. This is significantly faster than the MediaTek Processor Lenovo Chromebooks feature.

The one minor disadvantage of their Chromebooks is that they are not convertible. They are lightweight and compact, enabling them convenient.


Do you require a convertible Chromebook? Then the Lenovo C330, comes in handy. This model works well in both laptop and tablet modes, providing you with maximum convenience.

However, if you require something more powerful than portable, the Lenovo Yoga C640 is just what the ideal one for you.

It has an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor. There is also 8GB of RAM and a huge 512 GB SSD storage.

Winner: HP is the winner. Only because we value speed and power over portability.

4. Design and Endurance


We bet you won’t walk by the HP Spectre x360 without giving it a second glance. Yes, because it’s that nice, particularly with the gold accents and aluminium chassis model.

If not, the Blue Poseidon and Ash Gray are also striking. The chamfered back edges of the zBook add to its allure.

The eye-catching design isn’t confined to laptops; HP also developed attractive Chromebooks. Do you still not believe us? Then go check out the eye-catching silver Chromebook X2.

The only drawback is that their workstations are somewhat heavy. Furthermore, while the Omen 15’s Carbon Fiber provides exceptional endurance, the design is in desperate need of an improvement.


When it comes to design, Lenovo laptops dominate with its Legion laptop line. These appear like a cross between a casual work laptop and a gaming laptop.

Even the Yoga Series, does not disappoint. It’s no surprise that they opted to extend the design theme as well.

If you prefer your laptop to be slim and stylish, the Lenovo Yoga 7 is ultra-thin and will fit into any backpack.

The issue arises when you switch to mid-range and low-cost laptops such as the V330. The lids of these laptops were discovered to be fragile, increasing the threat of damage.

The Ideapad 530s’ touchpad was a little unsteady under pressure, and the Felix 11″ did not align completely. However, because these laptops cost less, these flaws aren’t deal breakers. If you choose wisely, they can last far beyond the guarantee period.

Winner: HP is the winner. This is due to the fact that its laptops and Chromebooks are both more robust and visually appealing.

5. Technology


The HP Envy x360 is a shining example of HP’s ingenuity. Why? Because, with its unique hinges, this one lets you to convert from phone to tablet mode with just one hand.

For gamers, the Omen X2S also includes a secondary monitor. As a result, it is suitable for streaming.

The Spectre x360 versions also included a camera shutdown switch. When necessary, these shut down the front camera in seconds.

There are further enhancements such as the SureScreenView. These tiny adjustments can have a significant impact.


The Lenovo Yoga 7 is also one of Lenovo’s most innovative laptops, as it features an E-ink display.

It weighs only 1.43 kg, includes a precise pen, and a knock-to-open feature that many consumers will like. This is due to the fact that it provides you with quick access to your laptop.

The Dolby Atmos speaker system is another striking feature here, but it’s not all. With its 15.9 mm slim body and sandblasted, anodized metal case in Slate Grey, the Yoga 7i screams quality. Start at 1.43 kg and work your way up to a 3600 transition with your own Yoga.

Winner: Draw, as both companies have contributed to the development of unique ideas.

6. Customer Support


When it comes to customer service, efficiency is everything, and Lenovo is excellent in this regard. This is something we also mentioned in our Dell vs Lenovo comparison.

If you call HP customer support, be prepared to wait for quite some time. And it’s more aggravating if you have a serious issue that requires rapid care.

The best approach to contact HP is through their online chat and social media. The agents there were far more helpful in assisting me in connecting my phone to the laptop.

There is also a community page that is useful and allows you to connect with other HP users who are experiencing similar problems. There are also HP moderators that are always prepared to assist.


Lenovo’s customer service is still unrivalled. You can contact their customer service via online chat, phone call, or email.

There are additional FAQ sections, forums, and a Community website to assist you in finding rapid solutions.

Even if you do need to phone or chat, the wait time is low. Even the responses are effective (yup, they will do their every bit to ensure your problem goes away).

Email responses should take no more than 24 hours.

Winner: Lenovo is the winner since they have a superior phone and chat service.

HP vs Lenovo Laptops – Which Brand is Best?

If you want the best value for money, Lenovo is the superior choice of the two manufacturers, and they dominate the market for professional and business laptops as far as price is concerned. HP laptops, on the other hand, often feature higher-quality components, although they are more expensive than the Lenovo counterpart.

Both HP and Lenovo are great picks for people seeking for a capable laptop, and it all depends on your needs. It is difficult to compare entire brands because each model is evaluated based on its unique specifications.

While HP is an American brand with one of the oldest names in computers, Lenovo is a newer Chinese corporation that has entirely dominated the sector in the last decade.

HP Vs Lenovo Laptops – Frequently Asked Questions

Lenovo or HP Laptop Which is Better?

The choice is, after all, very obvious. If you’re seeking for high-end gaming laptops, The HP Omen checks almost every box. However, if you’re looking for a less expensive gaming laptop, the Lenovo Legion is a viable option.

Lenovo is the company to choose if you need a convertible laptop that will allow you to work in limited spaces. This is because they have a larger selection of convertible laptops.

HP is the brand to beat in terms of design and longevity. Lenovo laptops with lower/mid-priced variants lack the necessary features. When it comes to quality, HP is unquestionably the obvious winner.

Lenovo, on the other hand, is somewhat less expensive than HP, provide a better deal in tight budgets.

Why are Lenovo laptops so cheap?

The answer to this question is similar to why Androids are less expensive than iPhones: it’s all about the brand. HP is able to charge a higher price than most competitors since they have decades of expertise in the market offering a diverse range of products and their brand is well-known.

It was not always that way for Lenovo, which has been able to get almost same high-quality components as HP while charging less.

What are the top five computer manufacturers?

If you’re wondering whether HP or Lenovo would rank among the top five computer brands, the answer is yes. HP and Lenovo would be joined by Apple, Dell, and possibly ASUS.

Are HP laptops manufactured in China?

Many people believe that because HP’s headquarters are in America, its products are also manufactured there. This is not the case, as the majority of the components in an HP laptop are sourced from China and other Asian countries. Some HP laptops are assembled in the United States, while the majority are assembled in China.

Can Lenovo and HP be relied on?

Both brands are renowned in the computing industry, so you shouldn’t be concerned about the quality of their products. Since always, it’s probably preferable to acquire a good warranty with any laptop purchase, as this can assist to protect you from future problems.

Summing UpHP Vs Lenovo Laptops

Overall, both of these brands make high-quality laptops that are worth exploring. If you’re looking for the most value for money, a brand like Lenovo is an excellent place to start. However, if you’re looking for something dependable with high-end components, HP can the best choice.

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