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HCI eRelaxic Japanese Massage Chair For Ultimate Relaxation and Pain Relief [Review] 2021

Japanese Massage Chair

Exhausted after a long day! Would you like to go to a spa? Oh!!! Totally forgot about the appointment!

Don’t be afraid! A good massage chair seems to be able to solve your dilemma. The concept seems to be fantastic, doesn’t it?

A massage chair is the perfect choice for pain relief, stress relief, and fatigue relief.

Massage chairs are abundant in India under a variety of brand names, each with unique characteristics, features, and quality.

Japanese massage chairs are amongst the better massage chairs in the market. I’m often asked which model and brand I prefer.

The HCI eRelaxic a Japanese Therapeutic Massage Chair is one of the world’s Finest massage chairs available in India.

In the comfort of your own home, a Japanese massage chair is proficient in delivering healing massage and complete relaxation. This chair is also referred to as shiatsu massage chair.

Get acquainted with the characteristics mentioned below that should be considered when purchasing this Japanese massage chair.

HCI eRelaxic Japanese Massage Chair Review

With HCI, Care for yourself! The HCI eRelaxic is the world’s first and only certified therapeutic massage chair with committed world-class therapeutics research programmes from different countries including India.

Japanese Massage Chair

Technical Specifications

Color: Black
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 115 kg
Manufacturer: HCI
Country of Origin: Japan

Primary Features

✔ Exquisite design and modern technology for air cell massage
✔ Using cutting-edge technology, air cells are massaged.
✔ HSL track innovation for a prolonged massage to the hips.
✔ With the space saving feature, 3” from the wall is needed.
✔ U-shaped Head Temple Massage
✔ 4D SL massage track with a length of 145 cm
✔ Thai-style foot scrap massage therapy

This 4D massage chair stretches your entire body while elevating your calves and thighs above the level of your heart. It’s the premier product for rejuvenating you at your place.

Build quality

The build quality is excellent, as it is made of high-quality leather rather than rexin, as is the case for many other products in this category. So you can relax about the concern of performance and sustainability.

Zero Gravity Japanese Therapeutic Massage Chair

It comprises nine auto-wellness programs, which include Full Body Massage, Stretch, and Healing, to help you deal with daily stresses and be your best self.

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Smart Back Technique

The back roller mechanism’s massage balls are all constructed of silica gel with a combination of acrylic material, and this technique is equipped with multi-sensors, allowing it to provide a more delicate and precise back massage with its 8 massage types.

The machine’s speed and width can be changed to suit the needs of the user. Both horizontally and vertically, the rollers can rotate 360 degrees.

Ultra-Modern Air Cell Massage Technology

Another glorious feature is the ultra-modern air cell massage technology. The revolutionary design of the air cell massage system covers the maximum of your body’s surface, reducing the amount of air cells.

Full Body Stretch

Japanese Massage Chair

The air cells are programmed to inflate independently, causing the body to twist and stretch extensively. To achieve the best results, the massage chair is built to move all over the body’s natural curves.

Supreme Head Temple Massage

This eRelaxic Massage Chair provides an Omni comfortable head massage using advanced 4D technology, and handful of massage modes.

This massage chair has a head pillow that inflates against your head to provide you with the perfect stress-relieving relaxing. This functionality can be used in any way you wish. During the massage, this feature can be switched on and off separately.

Comfortable and soothing Massage

Shiatsu and knocking modes have more powerful results. Rolling, air compression, and vibration lead to a plethora of benefits, relaxing muscles and reducing stress in the same way that a spa does.

A total of 107 airbags are pushed against the sliding chair, which pampers the whole body at all times. The calf rolling massage feature ensures the estimation of calf muscles to part profoundly.

Space-Saving Feature

The chair’s space-saving mode feature enables it to be just 3” from the wall while in zero-gravity mode, eliminating the need for additional back space. This function ensures that the chair blends in with the rest of the room’s decor.

In metro cities and north India, the company delivers free installation. It comes with an easy-to-follow installation manual and video tutorial for remote locations.

Who Should Buy This?

This Japanese massage chair is best for taller individuals. Individuals who are expected to stand for considerable amount of time of their job schedule should think about it.



Suitable for taller people

Expensive product

Reliable deep tissue massage chair

Thai-style foot massage

Easy working through spine curving

Customized modes for effective massage

Full body stretch in one go

Engery and space saver

Things to Consider While Buying a Japanese (Shiatsu) Massage Chair

Before purchasing a Shiatsu massage chair, it’s important to understand what to explore for. After all, you don’t want to overspend on the best just to be dissatisfied. Some of the great features of an efficient massage chair are listed below.

Type of Chair

Some shiatsu chairs concentrate solely on the back, shoulders, and neck (usually those on the lower end of the price spectrum). Ottoman massage chairs are what they’re called. While a  full-body chair will give you the best healing and relaxation as a complete-body massage, which is a smart investment.

Another consideration is the degree to which chair reclines. Some chairs have a complete scope of motion while others do not recline at all.

Zero Gravity chairs are designed to replicate the role that astronauts’ posture while going to space. This allows them to support your whole body, reducing strain on your joints and back.

However, it’s worth noting that Zero Gravity massage chairs are among the most costly. If desired, you can also select a heating option.

Finally, take into account the fabric. Even though Leather and synthetic materials are used in massage chairs, synthetic materials are more popular since they can withstand the wear and tear due to motion and heating.

Power Modes

The strength of the massage chair will eventually influence just how you experience the massage’s results. Pick a good chair with multiple power settings so you may adjust to your requirements per session.

The modes have various speeds and strength as per the different functionalities.

Features and Functionalities

Shiatsu is a combination of two Japanese words: shi (finger) and atsu (pressure). The chair’s aim is to simulate a experience of pressure applied by fingers. There should be several message features and functions available to replicate this.

A good Japanese massage chair is able to provide the type of experience you expect to get from Shiatsu massage. Compression, which feels like someone is gently pressing on the vertebral column and back, is another feature of a good chair.


Higher-end model of Japanese massage chair provide extra features for experiencing ultimate comfort. Obviously they are more expensive. If you’re going to spend a considerable amount on something, the manufacturer should be able to back it up with a good guarantee. Remember to compare warranties before making a final buying decision.

HCI eRelaxic Japanese Massage Chair Conclusion

If you are willing to pay a premium amount for comfort, HCI eRelaxic Japanese Massage Chair is definitely for you. The benefits of a good body massage and relief from body aches and stiffness are the main appeals of a massage chair. It’s durable due to the leather use. As a result, a one-time investment lets you stay active and energetic forever.

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